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Sooooo, I got lost.

It's not a big deal. I was at an art exhibition and this group of guys sorta wound up bringing me along with them on a real down to earth art exposure tour. It was pretty nice... but then they got a bit extreme. I've never believed in drugs or sex being an essential part of creating good art and well anyhow I asked to be dropped off at home. Instead they left me on the highway and told me to turn right at the next green sign... so I turned into the woods and wasn't THAT an issue. I saw Roscoe briefly.... and then I finally saw a gloriously green cab sitting there and even though the cabby had to follow me into the apartment to make sure he got paid it was worth it. I am home! I heard you all were posting your homes so I chose to put up a quick sketch of my place. So glad to be back!

It was almost luminescent the prettiest I'd ever seen. I have a good feeling about this one... but if that damn art dealer calls my work modern fauvist reworking I'll show him bestial I will! Pah. I'll get work soon and be able to get some kinda food money.
This is the picture... and Digger if you wreck it I will take the money out of tanning and selling your hide as leatherCollapse )
This is the home of ROY G BIVOLO - ARTIST EXTRAODINAIRE!!!!!!

Here you can gaze in wonder at my lovely gallery, things I have taken over various heists and my own creations.

I hope you come and comment often... except for Digger. Man wouldn't get 'art' if he were standing in it... speaking of- Digger owes me forty dollars for stepping on my canvas- who knows that could've been my breakthrough piece.